Get a signed copy of Tom’s new book, Why I’m Right... And Everyone Else Is Wrong with a personalised dedication, postage-free.

From the publisher’s blurb:

For a real insight into the bizarre circus that is the Westminster village, look no further...

For two and a half years, Tom Harris used his And Another Thing... blog to dish the dirt on the reality of life as an MP. From defending politicians to dissecting Doctor Who, from how to survive a zombie holocaust to what to do when Gordon Brown forgets your name, the blog proved that politics - and politicians - do have a lighter side.

Why I'm Right... And Everyone Else is Wrong compiles the very best of Harris's blog. With exclusive new material detailing the attempted coup against Tony Blair in September 2006 and his own attempt to persuade Gordon Brown to step down three years later, the book covers the highlights (and lowlights) of life in the political spotlight with humour, warmth and an insider view that's hard to beat.