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About Tom

Hi, my name's Tom Harris (no, not that one*) and I'm a full time professional blogger, researcher, and general website fiddler based in London. My time is currently split 50-50 between personal projects and client work and I've been making, and helping others make, websites for over 10 years.

On this site you'll find a little bit of everything - tips and tricks that I've picked up along the way, personal thoughts, rants and analysis and details of the services I offer my clients. If you want to get in touch please do so using the form on my contact page.

* Although ironically I believe Tom Harris the SNP MP may have owned this domain before me.  There's no connection though.

What I Do & Don't Do

As a writer I believe it's important to specialise in the niches that you work in, and for that reason I can be a little picky about what projects I take on. So if you're after a word monkey, or someone to do Wikipedia re-writes, then I'm afraid I'm not your man. I also don't do small tasks, filler articles or click bait.

Instead I focus on high quality in depth content and research. I've covered everything from the decline of greyhound racing in the UK through to how the time of posting affects social media interaction in different niches.

Areas in which I'm particularly strong include:

  • Politics & Current Affairs
  • Horse Racing & Other Sports
  • Money Saving & Finance


Word Rate: 10p per word for regular work or orders over 20k words. Includes a standard level of research as well as third party proof reading and editing.

In Depth Research: From £30 per hour. Minimum charge applies.

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