Like many people these days, I’ve chosen to abandon the idea of a traditional day job and instead walk the path of a freelancer. The so called ‘gig economy‘ is often portrayed negatively in the press, but personally I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, on to the important stuff. What do I do, and what could I do for you?

Whilst I’m capable of researching almost any topic, my two main interests are horse racing and politics. I’ve been fortunate enough to find client work in both of these fields, blurring the line between what I do for fun, and what I do for work.

Client Writing

The bulk of my income comes from client work, and I’ve written for a variety of publications – both online and in print. Sometimes these have been under my own name, but more often than not it’s ghost written for the site owner or written under a nom de plume.

Notable work includes articles and commentary for a large, and well known, politics site, as well as racing blogs for the website of a UK high street bookmaker. The content for both of these sites has been ghost written, so I am unable to list them here. Examples and references can be given upon request, please contact me for more information.

I also write for a number of smaller sites for fellow entrepreneurs, including an incredibly frustrating blog on a betting website where the aim is to turn £10 into £1,000 using small odds wagers. Needless to say this is a very tricky task.

Personal Projects

Whilst most of my income is derived from customer orders, a large portion of my time is spent on my own websites which I develop, manage and write. I have a small handful of projects, but the most interesting – to me at least – are top10bettingsites.co.uk and betsites.co.uk which I have custom coded in PHP. Neither of these sites use a database, making them load in under one second:

betsites speed test

Website speed test according to Pingdom

Whilst I am not a web developer by any stretch of the imagination, I can also offer my services assisting in the set up and customisation of websites and I am familiar with both WordPress and Joomla. On a similar note, I am also able to deliver content directly to your site or blog, complete with images and styling.